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    Bugs 22832: Only include objects under out/Release/obj in libwebrtc-magic.a. · dac7649d
    boklm authored
    Object files from elsewhere under out/ should never have been included,
    because they are not part of webrtc itself, but rather side-effect build
    artifacts like gn. Including those extraneous .o files was mostly
    harmless (except for library size), because on linux they happened to be
    the same architecture as the webrtc.o files. However it won't work for
    the mac build (because libwebrtc-magic.a would include a mix of linux
    ELF and mac Mach-O objects). Additionally, build_time.o, part of the gn
    build, embeds a timestamp with month resolution, causing a failure of
    reproducibility, as found at https://bugs.torproject.org/22832.
    tor-browser-bundle.git author: David Fifield <david@bamsoftware.com>
    tor-browser-bundle.git commit: 781da76f120f849416c772cef45a9a9a103b4eef