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Verified Commit 0f019cf3 authored by boklm's avatar boklm
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Bug 25099: Set nightly version to tbb-nightly.$year.$month.$day

Include the current day in the nightly version number, so that each
build gets a different version number.

We get this version number using a perl function, and a "state"
variable, so that the day when the build was started is used.
This avoids issues when a build is started on a day but finishs on a
different day.

In the nightly directory, the builds are now stored using the version
instead of just the date.

We also allow overriding this version number by using the
TORBROWSER_NIGHTLY_VERSION environment variable. This could be useful
for example if you need to generate incremental mars for the version
from the previous day.
parent 07ffaa91
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ channel you want to build:
You can find the build result in the directory release/unsigned/$version
or alpha/unsigned/$version for release or alpha builds. The result of
nightly can be found in the nightly/$date directory.
nightly can be found in the nightly/$version directory.
If you want to build for a specific platform only, append the platform
name to the makefile target:
......@@ -6,9 +6,8 @@ use strict;
die "wrong number of arguments" unless @ARGV == 2;
my ($year, $version) = @ARGV;
my $date;
if ($version eq 'tbb-nightly') {
my (undef, undef, undef, $day, $mon, $y) = localtime;
$date = sprintf("%d%02d%02d010101", $y + 1900, $mon + 1, $day);
if ($version =~ m/^tbb-nightly\.([^\.]+)\.([^\.]+)\.([^\.]+)$/) {
$date = sprintf("%d%02d%02d010101", $1, $2, $3);
} else {
my @v = split(/[\.ab]/, $version);
push @v, '0' if @v < 4;
......@@ -4,7 +4,6 @@ output_dir: release
signed_status: unsigned
today: '[% USE date; date.format(format = "%Y-%m-%d") %]'
publish_dir: '[% c("var/signed_status") %]/[% c("version") %]-[% c("var/torbrowser_build") %]'
containers_target: with_containers
......@@ -74,7 +73,7 @@ targets:
output_dir: 'nightly'
build_target: nightly
publish_dir: '[% c("var/today") %]'
publish_dir: '[% c("version") %]'
output_dir: alpha
......@@ -147,7 +147,7 @@ targets:
nightly: 1
channel: nightly
torbrowser_version: tbb-nightly
torbrowser_version: '[% ENV.TORBROWSER_NIGHTLY_VERSION ? ENV.TORBROWSER_NIGHTLY_VERSION : c("var_p/nightly_torbrowser_version") %]'
- testbuild
......@@ -508,5 +508,12 @@ ENV:
my ($out) = capture_exec('sudo', 'runc', '--version');
return $out =~ m/^.*spec: 1\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+(?:-dev)?$/m;
nightly_torbrowser_version => sub {
state $version = '';
return $version if $version;
my (undef, undef, undef, $day, $mon, $year) = gmtime;
$version = sprintf("tbb-nightly.%u.%02u.%02u", $year + 1900, $mon + 1, $day);
return $version;
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