Commit 1b7e0de3 authored by David Fifield's avatar David Fifield Committed by Georg Koppen
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Bug 28784: Pass --force --delete_unversioned_trees --reset to "gclient sync".

This is supposed to remove and reset modified or unversioned files. This
ought to work around the problem with versioning of src/testing/gmock
and src/testing/gtest across upgrades.

$ gclient help sync
  -f, --force      force update even for unchanged modules
  -D, --delete_unversioned_trees
                   Deletes from the working copy any dependencies that
                   have been removed since the last sync, as long as
                   there are no local modifications. When used with
                   --force, such dependencies are removed even if they
                   have local modifications. When used with --reset, all
                   untracked directories are removed from the working
                   copy, excluding those which are explicitly ignored in
                   the repository.
  -R, --reset      resets any local changes before updating (git only)
parent 9b0b7b51
......@@ -102,11 +102,8 @@ steps:
git config diff.ignoreSubmodules all
cd ..
# Delete the unversioned gmock and gtest directories, which cause "gclient sync"
# to fail when upgrading between webrtc branch-heads/58 and branch-heads/64.
rm -rf src/testing/gmock src/testing/gtest
# "gclient" is part of depot_tools. This download takes a long time the first time.
gclient sync --no-history --with_branch_heads -r [% c("var/webrtc_tag") %]
gclient sync --force --delete_unversioned_trees --reset --no-history --with_branch_heads -r [% c("var/webrtc_tag") %]
cd ..
tar --exclude .git -czf [% dest_dir _ '/' _ c('filename') %] webrtc
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