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Bug 23680: document the types of builds (testbuild/nightly/alpha) in README.HACKING

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......@@ -238,6 +238,10 @@ the new commits. If you want to fetch new commits automatically when
starting a new build you can add a "fetch: 1" line to
Remember that the git_hash option has different definitions for alpha
and nightly builds, so you should modify the right one depending on
what type of build you are doing (see also the "Types of builds" section).
The Firefox mozconfig files
......@@ -293,3 +297,20 @@ For example, if you want to try a Linux x86_64 alpha build, you can run:
$ /path_to_rbm/rbm build release --target alpha --target \
Types of builds: nightly, alpha, release and testbuild
The testbuild makefile target allows you to do a build quickly in the
testbuild directory, skipping the generation of all the locales and the
mar files. This is useful during development.
By default the testbuild is based on the alpha build. All the options
can have a different definition for the alpha, release and nightly builds.
Usually the git_hash option has a different definition for the nightly
builds in order to point to the master branch.
If you want your testbuild target to create builds based on nightly
rather than alpha, you can edit your rbm.local.conf file and uncomment
the targets/torbrowser-testbuild definition.
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