Unverified Commit 3960ad5d authored by Richard Pospesel's avatar Richard Pospesel Committed by boklm
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Bug: 27020: RBM build fails with runc version 1.0.1

runc version on Ubuntu 18.04 is 1.0.1 which is not currently handled in
rbm.conf, so the runc_spec100 flag does not get set properly.  This
patch changes it so the runc_spec100 flag is set if a spec string
greater than 1.0.0 is found.
parent 09111c4e
......@@ -390,11 +390,11 @@ ENV:
my ($out) = capture_exec('sudo', 'runc', '--version');
return !($out =~ m/^runc version 0.1.1/);
# runc_spec100 is true if runc spec is exactly 1.0.0
# runc_spec100 is true if runc spec is at least 1.0.0
# We will need to update this when there is a new spec version available
runc_spec100 => sub {
my ($out) = capture_exec('sudo', 'runc', '--version');
return $out =~ m/^spec: 1\.0\.0$/m;
return $out =~ m/^.*spec: 1\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+$/m;
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