Commit 4398ed2d authored by Sukhbir Singh's avatar Sukhbir Singh
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Update NoScript to

Revert the download URL to Mozilla Add-ons (AMO)
parent 66c38da5
......@@ -66,9 +66,9 @@ input_files:
name: snowflake
enable: '[% c("var/snowflake") %]'
- filename: Bundle-Data
- URL:
- URL:
name: noscript
sha256sum: 7180f8d24ca31989682dee229b95e3503699f2bb25cb593a6a1f2ce0a2253792
sha256sum: 63a8a6a582af6e28084fae3bc72ebc5c5c2437467f8d445c8ea69d1061a3f7b2
- filename: 'RelativeLink/start-tor-browser.desktop'
enable: '[% c("var/linux") %]'
- filename: 'RelativeLink/execdesktop'
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