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Bug 23630: Clarify README.HACKING on using a firefox git repository

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......@@ -218,8 +218,25 @@ build with the patch.
As an alternative, if you have your patch in a git repository, you can
edit projects/firefox/config to change the git_url option to point to
your git repository, and change the git_hash option to point to the
commit you want to build. You will also need to comment the
'tag_gpg_id: 1' line (unless git_hash is pointing to a signed git tag).
commit you want to build. If the new git_hash option is not pointing to
a signed tag, you will also need to comment the 'tag_gpg_id: 1' line.
The git_hash option can point to a tag, a commit, a branch or anything
that is understood by git.
If you specify a branch in the git_hash option, you don't need to prefix
it with a git remote name as all branches from the git repository
selected in the git_url option are created as local branches.
If you want to work on a local git repository, it is not a good idea to
work on the git_clones/firefox repository directly. Instead you should
create a separate git repository and update the git_url option with a
file:// URL pointing to your repository.
After changing the git_url option or when new commits have been added
to a branch, you should run "make fetch" before starting a build to get
the new commits. If you want to fetch new commits automatically when
starting a new build you can add a "fetch: 1" line to
The Firefox mozconfig files
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