Unverified Commit 4f130777 authored by Georg Koppen's avatar Georg Koppen
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Bug 34390: Don't copy DBM libraries anymore

DBM is not built by default anymore since
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1594933 landed.
parent 83772c17
......@@ -199,10 +199,10 @@ cp -p obj-*/dist/host/bin/mbsdiff $MARTOOLS/
cp -p obj-*/dist/bin/pk12util $MARTOOLS/
cp -p obj-*/dist/bin/shlibsign $MARTOOLS/
[% IF c("var/linux") %]
NSS_LIBS="libfreeblpriv3.so libmozsqlite3.so libnss3.so libnssckbi.so libnssdbm3.so libnssutil3.so libsmime3.so libsoftokn3.so libssl3.so"
NSS_LIBS="libfreeblpriv3.so libmozsqlite3.so libnss3.so libnssckbi.so libnssutil3.so libsmime3.so libsoftokn3.so libssl3.so"
NSPR_LIBS="libnspr4.so libplc4.so libplds4.so"
[% ELSE %]
NSS_LIBS="libfreebl3.dylib libmozglue.dylib libnss3.dylib libnssckbi.dylib libnssdbm3.dylib libsoftokn3.dylib"
NSS_LIBS="libfreebl3.dylib libmozglue.dylib libnss3.dylib libnssckbi.dylib libsoftokn3.dylib"
# No NSPR_LIBS for macOS
[% END %]
......@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@ cp -p obj-*/dist/host/bin/mbsdiff $MARTOOLS/
cp -p obj-*/dist/bin/modutil.exe $MARTOOLS/
cp -p obj-*/dist/bin/pk12util.exe $MARTOOLS/
cp -p obj-*/dist/bin/shlibsign.exe $MARTOOLS/
NSS_LIBS="freebl3.dll mozglue.dll nss3.dll nssckbi.dll nssdbm3.dll softokn3.dll"
NSS_LIBS="freebl3.dll mozglue.dll nss3.dll nssckbi.dll softokn3.dll"
for LIB in $NSS_LIBS; do
cp -p obj-*/dist/bin/$LIB $MARTOOLS/
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