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Bug 40105: Enhance Gradle dependency script

We sort now in a way that makes the output reproducible on different
machines and exclude .module files, too, as we do not need them.
parent 9e2f95e9
......@@ -38,12 +38,13 @@
# having made a copy of `gradle-dependencies-list.txt` from 1) and comparing
# the two .txt files.
export LC_ALL=C
# Step 1: Extract all the download attempts out of the log file, ignore the ones
# for maven-metadata.xml files. We don't need those.
# for maven-metadata.xml and module files. We don't need those.
cat $log | grep "Performing HTTP" | grep -o "https://.*" | \
grep -v "maven-metadata.xml" | sort | uniq > dl-attempts
grep -vE "\.module|maven-metadata\.xml" | sort | uniq > dl-attempts
# Step 2: Fetch all the dependencies and calculate the SHA-256 sum
while read line
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