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Bug 10394: Don't autoupdate HTTPS Everywhere anymore

We use the new --remove-update-channel switch to prevent HTTPS Everywhere
from pinging update servers and updating automatically like we do with
Torbutton and Tor Launcher.

The new HTTPS Everywhere build file makes the workaround for bug 10066
obsolete as well.
parent 072d3ab7
......@@ -2,15 +2,8 @@
[% c("var/set_default_env") -%]
tar xf [% project %]-[% c('version') %].tar.gz
cd [% project %]-[% c('version') %]
# patch makexpi.sh because we don't have a git repository
sed -i makexpi.sh -e 's/git rev-parse --short HEAD/echo aaaaaa/'
# XXX: Bloody hack to workaround a bug in HTTPS_E's git hash extraction in
# makexpi.sh. See https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/10066
# The solution there does not work for us as doing something like
# |./makexpi.sh foo| to build tag |foo| is a) trying to download the sources
# during build time (again) and b) broken due to a certificate error.
rm -f .git/refs/heads/master
# Bug 10394: We don't want to autoupdate HTTPS Everywhere anymore.
./make.sh --remove-update-channel
# Since 5.0.2 a .xpi for AMO is built, too. We don't need it.
rm pkg/*-amo.xpi
mv pkg/*.xpi [% dest_dir _ '/' _ c('filename') %]
# vim: filetype=yaml sw=2
version: 2017.10.4
version: 2017.10.30
git_url: https://git.torproject.org/https-everywhere.git
git_hash: '[% c("version") %]'
git_submodule: 1
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