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Bug 31621: Add --verbose flag to mach again

The underlying node bug got worked around in Mozilla's bug 1500436
and we cherry-pick that patch onto our esr68 branches. Thanks to a
cypherpunk for finding that bugfix.
parent 9fde9fe3
......@@ -104,9 +104,7 @@ rm -f js/src/configure
# Android does not support --enable-bundled-fonts option
./mach configure --with-tor-browser-version=[% c("var/torbrowser_version") %] --with-distribution-id=org.torproject --enable-update-channel=[% c("var/torbrowser_update_channel") %] [% IF ! c("var/android") %]--enable-bundled-fonts[% END -%] --with-branding=[% c("var/branding_directory") %]
# Don't build with --verbose anymore or otherwise Stylo compilation breaks on
# Linux. See: #30321 for details.
./mach build
./mach build --verbose
[% IF c("var/android") %]
# Building a multi-locale .apk
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