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Bug 31568: Update How to Create Gradle Dependencies

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### Updating Gradle Dependencies
If additional Android dependencies are required by the project's build, then
the Gradle build will fail due to missing dependencies. To find out what the
missing dependencies are, comment out the following line in the project's build
missing dependencies are take the following steps.
For tor-onion-proxy-library and tor-android-service, replace the following line
in the respective project build file:
$GRADLE_HOME/gradle-4.10.2/bin/gradle --offline --no-daemon -P androidplugin=3.1.0 -Dmaven.repo.local=$gradle_repo assembleRelease -x lint
$GRADLE_HOME/gradle-4.10.2/bin/gradle --debug --no-daemon -P androidplugin=3.1.0 assembleRelease -x lint
For the firefox project, comment out the following line in the project's build file:
export GRADLE_MAVEN_REPOSITORIES="file://$rootdir/[% c('input_files_by_name/gradle-dependencies') %]"
Also modify the gradle flags to include the debug option so the download logs will show up:
export GRADLE_FLAGS="--no-daemon --debug"
then allow network access during the build by setting
var/container/disable_network/build to 0 in rbm.conf, and rerun the build.
......@@ -13,7 +24,15 @@ Dependent artifacts will show up as downloads in the logs. You can pull out
these dependencies into a list with the following command (replacing
"firefox-android-armv7.log" with the build log file name of the actual project):
`cat logs/firefox-android-armv7.log | grep "Download http" | sed "s/^.*Download //g" > download-urls.txt`
`cat logs/firefox-android-armv7.log | grep "Performing HTTP" | grep -o "https://.*" | sort | uniq > download-attempts.txt`
The download-attempts.txt file contains all the attempted downloads, so we need to find out which ones failed
`cat logs/firefox-android-armv7.log | grep "Resource missing" | grep -o "https:.*[^]]" | sort | uniq > download-fails.txt`
Now take the intersection. This removes failures from attempts, leaving just successful downloads
`sort download-attempts.txt download-fails.txt | uniq -u | rev | sort -t/ -u -k1,4 | rev | sort > download-urls.txt`
You will then need to add the new dependency URLs and SHA-256 values into the
projects/$project/gradle-dependencies-list.txt file. The format of this file is
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