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Bug 20892: use sha256sums-signed-build.txt in download_missing_versions

This fixes the download of the osx64 mar files. Previously we were
unsigning the downloaded mar files and checking them with
sha256sums-unsigned-build.txt. The signed osx64 mar files include files
that are code-signed, so unsigning the mar file is not enough to get a
mar file matching sha256sums-unsigned-build.txt.
parent c873b639
......@@ -526,22 +526,22 @@ sub download_version {
my $destdir = "$releases_dir/$version";
my $urldir = "$config->{download}{archive_url}/$version";
print "Downloading version $version\n";
foreach my $file (qw(sha256sums-unsigned-build.txt sha256sums-unsigned-build.txt.asc)) {
foreach my $file (qw(sha256sums-signed-build.txt sha256sums-signed-build.txt.asc)) {
if (getstore("$urldir/$file", "$tmpdir/$file") != 200) {
exit_error "Error downloading $urldir/$file";
if (system('gpg', '--no-default-keyring', '--keyring',
"$FindBin::Bin/$config->{download}{gpg_keyring}", '--verify',
"$tmpdir/sha256sums-unsigned-build.txt")) {
"$tmpdir/sha256sums-signed-build.txt")) {
exit_error "Error checking gpg signature for version $version";
mkdir $destdir;
move "$tmpdir/sha256sums-unsigned-build.txt.asc", "$destdir/sha256sums-unsigned-build.txt.asc";
move "$tmpdir/sha256sums-unsigned-build.txt", "$destdir/sha256sums-unsigned-build.txt";
move "$tmpdir/sha256sums-signed-build.txt.asc", "$destdir/sha256sums-signed-build.txt.asc";
move "$tmpdir/sha256sums-signed-build.txt", "$destdir/sha256sums-signed-build.txt";
my %sums = map { chomp; reverse split ' ', $_ }
read_file "$destdir/sha256sums-unsigned-build.txt";
read_file "$destdir/sha256sums-signed-build.txt";
my $martools = 'mar-tools-' . osname . '.zip';
exit_error "Error downloading $urldir/$martools\n"
......@@ -557,19 +557,13 @@ sub download_version {
unless $sums{$martools} eq sha256_hex(read_file("$tmpdir/$martools"));
move "$tmpdir/$martools", "$destdir/$martools";
move "$tmpdir/$martools.asc", "$destdir/$martools.asc";
extract_martools($config, $version);
foreach my $file (sort grep { $_ =~ m/\.mar$/ } keys %sums) {
print "Downloading $file\n";
exit_error "Error downloading $urldir/$file\n"
unless getstore("$urldir/$file", "$tmpdir/$file") == 200;
if ($sums{$file} ne sha256_hex(read_file("$tmpdir/$file"))) {
exit_error "Error unsigning $file"
if system('signmar', '-r', "$tmpdir/$file", "$tmpdir/$file.u");
exit_error "Wrong checksum for $file"
unless $sums{$file} eq sha256_hex(read_file("$tmpdir/$file.u"));
move "$tmpdir/$file.u", "$tmpdir/$file";
exit_error "Wrong checksum for $file"
unless $sums{$file} eq sha256_hex(read_file("$tmpdir/$file"));
move "$tmpdir/$file", "$destdir/$file";
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