Unverified Commit 867ebd59 authored by boklm's avatar boklm
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Update noscript

This fixes bug 22067.

tor-browser-bundle.git author: Georg Koppen <gk@torproject.org>
tor-browser-bundle.git commit: 0437834017c1c7ff168da868d9dcb2f2519fd122
parent b386c5f8
......@@ -54,9 +54,9 @@ input_files:
name: snowflake
enable: '[% c("var/snowflake") %]'
- filename: Bundle-Data
- URL: https://addons.cdn.mozilla.net/user-media/addons/722/noscript_security_suite-5.0.5-fx+sm.xpi
- URL: https://addons.cdn.mozilla.net/user-media/addons/722/noscript_security_suite-
name: noscript
sha256sum: bf1dee39f6e5936df2b03b794c1efc9236b440536a05fafcff667e33903e6aed
sha256sum: fe85a4c72b5a763462f3b264f54a0ef1c6f6879eb95d903f2dfee337f768a50b
- filename: RelativeLink
enable: '[% c("var/linux") %]'
- project: libdmg-hfsplus
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