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fixup! Bug 40166: Update apt cache before calling pre_pkginst in container-image config

Bug 40169: Update apt package cache after calling pre_pkginst, too

The creation of some project containers require an updated apt cache
before executing pre_pkginst, while others require updating the apt
cache after executing pre_pkginst.
parent b93dd755
......@@ -27,9 +27,14 @@ pre: |
# [% c('var/container/suite') %]
set -e
export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive
# Update the package cache so the container installs the most recent
# version of required packages.
apt-get update -y -q
[% IF pc(c('origin_project'), 'var/pre_pkginst') -%]
[% pc(c('origin_project'), 'var/pre_pkginst') %]
# Update the package cache again because `pre_pkginst` may change the
# package manager configuration.
apt-get update -y -q
[% END -%]
apt-get upgrade -y -q
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