Verified Commit 930497f4 authored by boklm's avatar boklm
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Bug 31988: Add script to generate a mar signing key for nightly builds

parent b1690c34
set -e
nssdb="$(dirname "$0")/nssdb"
if test -d $nssdb
echo "Error: $nssdb already exists" >&2
exit 1
mkdir -p $nssdb
chmod 700 $nssdb
certutil -d $nssdb -N --empty-password
certutil -d $nssdb -S -x -g 4096 -Z SHA384 -n nightly-marsigner -s "CN=Tor Browser Nightly MAR signing key" -t,,
certutil -d $nssdb -L -r -n nightly-marsigner -o $nssdb/nightly-marsigner.der
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