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Unverified Commit 93bb5264 authored by boklm's avatar boklm
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Bug 17381: create tar containing update responses xml files

Create a tar file in directory {alpha,release}/update-responses/, to
make it a little easier to copy them to the host where they will be
parent a510614a
......@@ -97,11 +97,11 @@ incrementals-alpha: submodule-update
update_responses-release: submodule-update
$(rbm) build release --step update_responses_config --target release --target signed
tools/update-responses/update_responses release
$(rbm) build release --step create_update_responses_tar --target release --target signed
update_responses-alpha: submodule-update
$(rbm) build release --step update_responses_config --target alpha --target signed
tools/update-responses/update_responses alpha
$(rbm) build release --step create_update_responses_tar --target alpha --target signed
dmg2mar-release: submodule-update
$(rbm) build release --step update_responses_config --target release --target signed
......@@ -91,5 +91,6 @@ signing the OSX dmg files.
Create update responses xml files for a signed build in the release or
alpha channel.
alpha channel. The files can be found in a tar in the directory
......@@ -122,6 +122,11 @@ steps:
debug: 0
input_files: []
update_responses_config: '[% INCLUDE update_responses_config %]'
build_log: '-'
debug: 0
input_files: []
create_update_responses_tar: '[% INCLUDE create_update_responses_tar %]'
build_log: '-'
debug: 0
[% c("var/set_default_env") -%]
[% shell_quote(c("basedir")) %]/tools/update-responses/update_responses
mkdir -p [% shell_quote(path(dest_dir)) %]/update-responses
[% SET channel = pc('firefox', 'var/torbrowser_update_channel') -%]
mv [% shell_quote(c("basedir")) %]/tools/update-responses/htdocs/[% channel %] [% channel %]
chmod 775 [% channel %]
chmod 664 [% channel %]/.htaccess [% channel %]/*
tar cf [% shell_quote(path(dest_dir)) %]/update-responses/update-responses-[% channel %]-[% c("version") %].tar [% channel %]
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