Verified Commit bbdb75f2 authored by Cecylia Bocovich's avatar Cecylia Bocovich Committed by boklm
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Bug 33578: Bump Snowflake version to 58b52eb9f7

This commit bumps the version of Snowflake and includes a fix for
removing the go.mod and go.sum files from the repository before
parent 26c782f3
......@@ -16,6 +16,13 @@ cd /var/tmp/build/[% project %]-[% c('version') %]
mkdir -p "$GOPATH/src/"
ln -sf "$PWD" "$GOPATH/src/"
# Remove go.mod and go.sum files until we can build using Go module versioning
rm -f go.mod go.sum
# Fix gopath location of versioned dependencies
ln -sf "$GOPATH/src/" "$GOPATH/src/"
ln -sf "$GOPATH/src/" "$GOPATH/src/"
cd client
go build -ldflags '-s'
cp -a client[% IF c("var/windows") %].exe[% END %] $PTDIR/snowflake-client[% IF c("var/windows") %].exe[% END %]
# vim: filetype=yaml sw=2
version: '[% c("abbrev") %]'
git_hash: b4f4b29a037fd2444423835da5999f39525f3d24
git_hash: 58b52eb9f7987789d8e90a982a6df16013e200dd
filename: '[% project %]-[% c("version") %]-[% c("var/osname") %]-[% c("var/build_id") %].tar.gz'
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