Unverified Commit c80c3516 authored by boklm's avatar boklm
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Revert "Bug 32342 - Store omni.ja after recreating apk"

This reverts commit f9d0383f.
parent 3d5f4308
......@@ -54,9 +54,5 @@ cd tmp
zip_args => '$apk',
}) %]
# omni.ja was likely deflated in the above zipping operation. It must be stored, instead.
zip $apk -d assets/omni.ja
zip -Z store $apk assets/omni.ja
# Sign a QA build. This apk is not a debug version and doesn't contain a debug flag in the manifest
java -jar /usr/share/apksigner/apksigner.jar sign --verbose --min-sdk-version [% c("var/android_min_api") %] --ks $rootdir/android-qa.keystore --out $qa_apk --in $apk --ks-key-alias androidqakey --key-pass pass:android --ks-pass pass:android
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