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Bug 40115: Update components for switch to Fenix 82

Update documentation on how to fetch Gradle dependencies
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......@@ -7,6 +7,17 @@ If the dependencies for `application-services`, `android-components`, or `fenix`
are needed, set the `fetch_gradle_dependencies` flag in their `config` files to
Note: `android-components` and `fenix` require modified `geckoview` and
`android-components` artifacts to compile successfully. In order to generate the
necessary dependencies for them you need to point to the respective
`android-components` and `fenix` commits our patches are based upon, too, first.
That way the code as Mozilla is shipping it is used for the Gradle dependencies
fetching which should avoid issues caused by broken builds (it is not guaranteed
that all the dependencies are already fetched at the point when the build
breaks). For `fenix` dependencies there is still a manual processing required
afterwards right now as e.g. our tor-android-service related artifacts are not
picked up.
For the firefox project, comment out the following line in the project's build file:
export GRADLE_MAVEN_REPOSITORIES="file://$gradle_repo"
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