Unverified Commit dad95786 authored by Tom Ritter's avatar Tom Ritter Committed by boklm
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Bug 26773: Add --verbose to the ./mach build flag for firefox for better debugging via log files.

Does not affect the console output, will use more disk space in log files.
parent 82a0bd2d
......@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@ rm -f configure
rm -f js/src/configure
./mach configure --with-tor-browser-version=[% c("var/torbrowser_version") %] --with-distribution-id=org.torproject --enable-update-channel=[% c("var/torbrowser_update_channel") %] --enable-bundled-fonts
./mach build
./mach build --verbose
./mach build stage-package
[% IF c("var/osx") %]
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