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Bug 40094: Bring back torbrowser-android-* targets for Rust

Apparently we can't just replace the torbrowser-android-* targets with
android-* ones when including the Rust compilers for application-services.
Thus, we revert that part of the patch for #40070. See: #40094 for more
parent 7f646713
......@@ -23,22 +23,23 @@ input_files:
- project: container-image
- project: '[% c("var/compiler") %]'
name: '[% c("var/compiler") %]'
# We need the torbrowser-* targets for Rust, see: #40094.
- project: fenix-rust
name: rust-armv7
- android-armv7
- torbrowser-android-armv7
- project: fenix-rust
name: rust-aarch64
- android-aarch64
- torbrowser-android-aarch64
- project: fenix-rust
name: rust-x86
- android-x86
- torbrowser-android-x86
- project: fenix-rust
name: rust-x86_64
- android-x86_64
- torbrowser-android-x86_64
- project: nss
name: nss-armv7
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