Commit f64781d4 authored by David Fifield's avatar David Fifield Committed by Georg Koppen
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Bug 26795: Bump snowflake to 6077141f4a for #25600.

This works around a hang in the client that occurred once it had logged
a certain amount of information to its stderr. Now, if not logging to a
file, snowflake-client will log nothing rather than writing to stderr.
The corresponding tor bug is #26360.
parent 7903f582
# vim: filetype=yaml sw=2
version: '[% c("abbrev") %]'
git_hash: 1114acbcb4acb82174b293983ced8afcaf9e2a93
git_hash: 6077141f4affdab9b7ce97a9b1c6859825eaaa29
filename: '[% project %]-[% c("version") %]-[% c("var/osname") %]-[% c("var/build_id") %].tar.gz'
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