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Bug 40084: Fix AndroidManifest.xml reproducibility

We need to make sure we just set MOZ_BUILD_DATE and adapt the format
where it is actually needed. See: fenix#40059 for the Fenix part that
makes use of that to fix #40084.
parent 691a762b
......@@ -54,9 +54,6 @@ cp $rootdir/[% c('input_files_by_name/tor-android-service') %]/* app/
echo "MOZ_BUILD_DATE is not set"
exit 1
# We only need a MMddHHmmss format and thus no year.
$GRADLE_HOME/gradle-6.5.1/bin/gradle --offline --no-daemon -Dmaven.repo.local=$gradle_repo app:assemble[% c('variant') %] -x lint
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