1. 25 Jan, 2019 3 commits
  2. 24 Jan, 2019 3 commits
  3. 23 Jan, 2019 3 commits
    • boklm's avatar
      Bug 29097: Don't try to install python3.6-lxml · 64ef8a5d
      boklm authored
      Remove the python3.6-lxml package for the list of dependencies to build
      https-everywhere. This package does not exist anymore in Debian Buster,
      and it seems it is not required to build https-everywhere.
    • Georg Koppen's avatar
      Merge branch 'bug_28168_v3' · 55556eb3
      Georg Koppen authored
      Which should have been "bug_28618_v3", but the changes are okay at
    • Richard Pospesel's avatar
      Bug 28546: Rebrand Tor Browser's Window's Installer · 031ecd73
      Richard Pospesel authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      This patch passes in the build channel to makensis as a !define so that
      the tbb-windows-installer torbrowser.nsi installer script can use
      appropriate branding and set branding-specific names and install paths.
  4. 21 Jan, 2019 4 commits
  5. 17 Jan, 2019 4 commits
  6. 16 Jan, 2019 1 commit
    • boklm's avatar
      Bug 26148: Update binutils to 2.31.1 · 5631b327
      boklm authored
      With older versions of binutils, the order in which .o files were
      included in an .a archive did not affect the output when linking a
      program or library, which is no longer the case with recent versions of
      binutils. To avoid reproducibility issues we patch the libtool version
      included in gcc to make the creation `libstdc++.a` reproducible.
  7. 14 Jan, 2019 1 commit
  8. 30 Dec, 2018 1 commit
  9. 20 Dec, 2018 1 commit
    • David Fifield's avatar
      Bug 28784: Pass --force --delete_unversioned_trees --reset to "gclient sync". · 1b7e0de3
      David Fifield authored and Georg Koppen's avatar Georg Koppen committed
      This is supposed to remove and reset modified or unversioned files. This
      ought to work around the problem with versioning of src/testing/gmock
      and src/testing/gtest across upgrades.
      $ gclient help sync
        -f, --force      force update even for unchanged modules
        -D, --delete_unversioned_trees
                         Deletes from the working copy any dependencies that
                         have been removed since the last sync, as long as
                         there are no local modifications. When used with
                         --force, such dependencies are removed even if they
                         have local modifications. When used with --reset, all
                         untracked directories are removed from the working
                         copy, excluding those which are explicitly ignored in
                         the repository.
        -R, --reset      resets any local changes before updating (git only)
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