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      Bug 23585: fix build with runc version 1.0.0~rc2 · 8c4c05dd
      boklm authored
      Some distributions are packaging runc version 1.0.0~rc2, which seems to
      be half between runc 0.1.1 and runc 1.0.0.
      This version requires the same command line parameters as version 1.0.0,
      however it requires a config.json in the same format as 0.1.1.
      The output from `runc --version` on 1.0.0~rc2 is:
      runc version spec: 1.0.0-rc2-dev
      So we add a var/runc_spec100 function which is true when the runc
      version spec is exactly 1.0.0 (as returned by runc stable 1.0.x
      releases), and use it in projects/common/runc-config.json.
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    • Georg Koppen's avatar
      Bump sandboxed-tor-browser version · 71299134
      Georg Koppen authored
      This is mainly for shipping a new version right after release as our alpha
      release broke 0.0.13 (see: #23692).
    • Richard Pospesel's avatar
      Bug 22501: Requests via javascript: violate FPI · ee2f0609
      Richard Pospesel authored and Georg Koppen's avatar Georg Koppen committed
      By default NoScript attempts to find URLs in "javascript:.*" strings
      found in <a> element href atributes and in <option> element value
      attributes.  When such links (or options) are clicked/selected,
      NoScript attempts to navigate the page to said URL.  These navigations
      are treated as intternal requests, and get pacced onto the catch-all
      This behaviour can be turned off by disabling the 'noscript.fixLinks'
      flag, so we do so for each Tor Browser build target's
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      Bug 23039: add support for runc 1.0.0 · 209818fc
      boklm authored
      The var_p/runc100 option is used to detect the version of runc we are
      using. The format of the output of `runc --version` is different in both
      versions, so it is not easy to parse. However I noticed that runc 0.1.1
      does not exit with an error when we try to use a command that does not
      exist while runc >= 1.0.0 does, so we use that to detect the runc
      version we are using.
      When using runc >= 1.0.0, we use `runc run` instead of `runc start':
      In the runc config.json file, the format of the capabilities has been
      changed. Instead of having one list of capabilities, there are now
      separate lists for bounding, effective, inheritable, permitted and
      ambient capabilities (and we use the same list for all of them):
      We also add /proc/timer_list and /sys/firmware to the "maskedPaths", as
      those paths are now listed by default in the config.json file generated
      by `runc spec` with runc 1.0.0.
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