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    • Richard Pospesel's avatar
      Bug 26039: FIXUP <profiledir>/preferences/extension-overrides.js will not be loaded in ESR 60 · 8cfb90c7
      Richard Pospesel authored and Georg Koppen's avatar Georg Koppen committed
      Fixup for 26039.  WebExtension extensions can't read/write prefs, so the
      base contents of extension-overrides.js are completely unnecessary.  The
      WebExtension versions of noscript and httpseverywhere seem to be nearly
      complete re-writes (noscript in particular is much simpler) so our
      custom options appear to be no longer required (though a complete audit
      of noscript should probably be done just to be sure we don't need to fix
      any bad behaviour).
      The updated build script for tor-browser now dumps all of the
      build-determined prefs (pluggable transport strings, localization
      options) into a generated-prefs.js file created at build time, which is
      then appended to 000-tor-browser.js as before.
      The pdfjs option is no longer needed since the disableRange option seems
      to break pdfjs altogether in latest ESR60.  Also, setting the user pref
      in 000-tor-browser.js does not work since pdfjs overwrites it with its
      own value (any future patch setting pdfjs options needs to modify the
      default values table)
    • boklm's avatar
      Fix HTTPS Everywhere version in the changelog · c2f11e37
      boklm authored
      Reported in a comment on the blog:
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    • Sukhbir Singh's avatar
      Bug 23561: Fix NSIS builds for Windows 64 · 951b1a7e
      Sukhbir Singh authored and boklm's avatar boklm committed
      This commit adds support for building the 64-bit version of NSIS, and
      also bumps the version to 3.03. Doing this enables us to build MAR files
      in a 64-bit container for the 64-bit version of Tor Browser; see bug
      26363 and bug 24477.
      The pe_checksum_fix.py doesn't work in a 64-bit container with the
      bundled python-pefile version so we build its latest version to fix this
      issue. This change is borrowed from commit bb32ec91 and updates
      python-pefile to 2017.11.5.
      The Debian package and the patches are no longer required as all changes
      were merged upstream in 3.01-1. (See the nsis changelog in Debian.)
    • Georg Koppen's avatar
      Bug 26362: Use old MAR format for update file creation · befc4910
      Georg Koppen authored
      Mozilla switched from Bzip2 to LZMA as compression algorithm for MAR
      files during th Firefox 56. That means esr52-based Tor Browsers don't
      understand LZMA yet. Thus, we still use Bzip2 for the first esr60-based
      MAR files and switch afterwards to LZMA.
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