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Release preparations for 2.1.2

Version bump and CHANGELOG update
parent 473a9bff
* Bug 25013: Integrate Torbutton into tor-browser for Android
* Bug 27111: Update about:tor desktop version to work on mobile
* Bug 28093: Update donation banner style to make it fit in small screens
* Bug 28543: about:tor has scroll bar between widths 900px and 1000px
* Bug 28039: Enable dump() if log method is 0
* Bug 27701: Don't show App Blocker dialog on Android
* Bug 28187: Change tor circuit icon to torbutton.svg
* Bug 28515: Use en-US for english Torbutton strings
* Translations update
* Bug 23925+27959: Donation banner for year end 2018 campaign
* Bug 24172: Donation banner clobbers Tor Browser version string
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<em:creator>Mike Perry</em:creator>
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