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......@@ -2,6 +2,69 @@ This document summarizes new features and bugfixes in each stable
release of Tor. If you want to see more detailed descriptions of the
changes in each development snapshot, see the ChangeLog file.
Changes in version - 2020-11-12
Tor is the second stable release in the 0.4.4.x series. It
backports fixes from later releases, including a fix for TROVE-2020-
005, a security issue that could be used, under certain cases, by an
adversary to observe traffic patterns on a limited number of circuits
intended for a different relay.
o Major bugfixes (security, backport from
- When completing a channel, relays now check more thoroughly to
make sure that it matches any pending circuits before attaching
those circuits. Previously, address correctness and Ed25519
identities were not checked in this case, but only when extending
circuits on an existing channel. Fixes bug 40080; bugfix on Resolves TROVE-2020-005.
o Minor features (directory authorities, backport from
- Authorities now list a different set of protocols as required and
recommended. These lists have been chosen so that only truly
recommended and/or required protocols are included, and so that
clients using 0.2.9 or later will continue to work (even though
they are not supported), whereas only relays running 0.3.5 or
later will meet the requirements. Closes ticket 40162.
- Make it possible to specify multiple ConsensusParams torrc lines.
Now directory authority operators can for example put the main
ConsensusParams config in one torrc file and then add to it from a
different torrc file. Closes ticket 40164.
o Minor features (subprotocol versions, backport from
- Tor no longer allows subprotocol versions larger than 63.
Previously version numbers up to UINT32_MAX were allowed, which
significantly complicated our code. Implements proposal 318;
closes ticket 40133.
o Minor features (tests, v2 onion services, backport from
- Fix a rendezvous cache unit test that was triggering an underflow
on the global rend cache allocation. Fixes bug 40125; bugfix
- Fix another rendezvous cache unit test that was triggering an
underflow on the global rend cache allocation. Fixes bug 40126;
bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (compilation, backport from
- Fix compiler warnings that would occur when building with
"--enable-all-bugs-are-fatal" and "--disable-module-relay" at the
same time. Fixes bug 40129; bugfix on
- Resolve a compilation warning that could occur in
test_connection.c. Fixes bug 40113; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (logging, backport from
- Remove a debug logging statement that uselessly spammed the logs.
Fixes bug 40135; bugfix on
o Minor bugfixes (relay configuration, crash, backport from
- Avoid a fatal assert() when failing to create a listener
connection for an address that was in use. Fixes bug 40073; bugfix
o Minor bugfixes (v2 onion services, backport from
- For HSFETCH commands on v2 onion services addresses, check the
length of bytes decoded, not the base32 length. Fixes bug 34400;
bugfix on Patch by Neel Chauhan.
Changes in version - 2020-09-15
Tor is the first stable release in the 0.4.4.x series. This
series improves our guard selection algorithms, adds v3 onion balance
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