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    Dump bridge pool assignments to a file for statistics. · 4d00328a
    Karsten Loesing authored
    With this patch we dump the list of currently running bridges with
    information about their assigned rings, subrings, and file buckets to a
    local file.  The idea is to publish sanitized versions of these assignment
    files and analyze how the assignment affects a bridge's usage.
    The assignment file is written on startup and after receiving a HUP signal
    and parsing new bridge descriptors.  Note that the assignments file is not
    updated when bridges are dumped to file buckets; in that case the changed
    assignments to file buckets will be reflected in the assignments file
    after the next HUP.
    Also note that the assignment file only contains bridges that are believed
    to be running from parsing the last network status.  As a result, bridges
    that are contained in file buckets, but that are not believed to be
    running, won't be contained in the assignment file.