Unverified Commit 03f006a2 authored by Isis Lovecruft's avatar Isis Lovecruft
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Add @riseup.net to EMAIL_DOMAIN[S|_RULES|_MAP] settings.

parent f20779b5
......@@ -295,11 +295,16 @@ EMAIL_SMTP_PORT = 25
EMAIL_USERNAME = "bridges"
# Canonical versions of domains that we will reply to.
EMAIL_DOMAINS = ["gmail.com", "yahoo.com"]
EMAIL_DOMAINS = ["gmail.com", "yahoo.com", "riseup.net"]
# Map from unofficial domain to canonical domain.
EMAIL_DOMAIN_MAP = {"mail.google.com": "gmail.com",
"googlemail.com": "gmail.com"}
"mail.google.com": "gmail.com",
"googlemail.com": "gmail.com",
"mail.riseup.net": "riseup.net",
"fulvetta.riseup.net": "riseup.net",
"mx1.riseup.net": "riseup.net",
# Map from canonical domain to list of options for that domain. Recognized
# options are:
......@@ -308,8 +313,11 @@ EMAIL_DOMAIN_MAP = {"mail.google.com": "gmail.com",
# with the value "pass", then drop the message.
# Note that unrecognized options are ignored; be sure to spell them right!
EMAIL_DOMAIN_RULES = {'gmail.com': ["ignore_dots", "dkim"],
'yahoo.com': ["dkim"]}
'gmail.com': ["ignore_dots", "dkim"],
'yahoo.com': ["dkim"],
'riseup.net': ["ignore_dots"]
# A mapping of whitelisted email addresses to GnuPG key fingerprints:
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