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Add unittests for bridgedb.util.levenshteinDistance().

parent 43e1c994
......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ from __future__ import unicode_literals
import os
from twisted.mail.smtp import Address
from twisted.trial import unittest
from bridgedb import util
......@@ -58,3 +59,44 @@ class MiscLoggingUtilTests(unittest.TestCase):
from bridgedb.persistent import Conf
util.logging.info("BridgeDB's email address: bridges@torproject.org")
class LevenshteinDistanceTests(unittest.TestCase):
"""Unittests for `bridgedb.util.levenshteinDistance."""
def test_levenshteinDistance_blank_blank(self):
"""The Levenshtein Distance between '' and '' should be 0."""
distance = util.levenshteinDistance('', '')
self.assertEqual(distance, 0)
def test_levenshteinDistance_cat_cat(self):
"""The Levenshtein Distance between 'cat' and 'cat' should be 0."""
distance = util.levenshteinDistance('cat', 'cat')
self.assertEqual(distance, 0)
def test_levenshteinDistance_bat_cat(self):
"""The Levenshtein Distance between 'bat' and 'cat' should be 1."""
distance = util.levenshteinDistance('bat', 'cat')
self.assertEqual(distance, 1)
def test_levenshteinDistance_bar_cat(self):
"""The Levenshtein Distance between 'bar' and 'cat' should be 2."""
distance = util.levenshteinDistance('bar', 'cat')
self.assertEqual(distance, 2)
def test_levenshteinDistance_bridgedb_doge(self):
"""The Levenshtein Distance between 'bridgedb' and 'doge' should be 6."""
distance = util.levenshteinDistance('bridgedb', 'doge')
self.assertEqual(distance, 6)
def test_levenshteinDistance_feidanchaoren0043_feidanchaoren0011(self):
"""The Levenshtein Distance between the usernames in
'feidanchaoren0043@gmail.com' and 'feidanchaoren0011@gmail.com' should
be less than an EMAIL_FUZZY_MATCH parameter.
email1 = Address('feidanchaoren0043@gmail.com')
email2 = Address('feidanchaoren0011@gmail.com')
# Fuzzy match if the Levenshtein Distance is less than or equal to:
fuzzyMatch = 4
distance = util.levenshteinDistance(email1.local, email2.local)
self.assertLessEqual(distance, fuzzyMatch)
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