Unverified Commit 42241075 authored by Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel Committed by Isis Lovecruft
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Revert check for SMTP/email header canonical hostname equivalence.

Signed-off-by: Isis Lovecruft's avatarIsis Lovecruft <isis@torproject.org>

For now, we need to revert this check to get the email distributor to
function. We should look into this issue in order to get BridgeDB in a
state where instances of it are runnable by other organisations to hand
out their own bridges. [OTHER_ORG]

Fixing this is essential for #12086.
parent 48bb5fd6
...@@ -631,12 +631,12 @@ class SMTPAutoresponder(smtp.SMTPClient): ...@@ -631,12 +631,12 @@ class SMTPAutoresponder(smtp.SMTPClient):
# The canonical domains from the SMTP ``MAIL FROM:`` and the email # The canonical domains from the SMTP ``MAIL FROM:`` and the email
# ``From:`` header should match: # ``From:`` header should match:
if self.incoming.canonicalFromSMTP != self.incoming.canonicalFromEmail: #if self.incoming.canonicalFromSMTP != self.incoming.canonicalFromEmail:
logging.error("SMTP/Email canonical domain mismatch!") # logging.error("SMTP/Email canonical domain mismatch!")
logging.debug("Canonical domain mismatch: %s != %s" # logging.debug("Canonical domain mismatch: %s != %s"
% (self.incoming.canonicalFromSMTP, # % (self.incoming.canonicalFromSMTP,
self.incoming.canonicalFromEmail)) # self.incoming.canonicalFromEmail))
return False # return False
self.incoming.domainRules = self.incoming.context.domainRules.get( self.incoming.domainRules = self.incoming.context.domainRules.get(
self.incoming.canonicalFromEmail, list()) self.incoming.canonicalFromEmail, list())
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