Unverified Commit 4476867c authored by Isis Lovecruft's avatar Isis Lovecruft
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Make the 'Bridge ' prefix optional in PluggableTransport.getTransportLine().

parent f5adabe5
......@@ -398,7 +398,7 @@ class PluggableTransport:
self.argdict = argdict
else: self.argdict = {}
def getTransportLine(self, includeFingerprint=False):
def getTransportLine(self, includeFingerprint=False, bridgePrefix=False):
"""Get a torrc line for this pluggable transport.
This method does not return lines which are prefixed with the word
......@@ -409,12 +409,17 @@ class PluggableTransport:
:param bool includeFingerprints: If ``True``, include the digest of
this bridges public identity key in the torrc line.
:param bool bridgePrefix: If ``True``, add ``'Bridge '`` to the
beginning of each returned line (suitable for pasting directly
into a torrc file).
:rtype: str
:returns: A configuration line for adding this pluggable transport
into a torrc file.
sections = []
if bridgePrefix:
if isinstance(self.address, ipaddr.IPv6Address):
host = "%s [%s]:%d" % (self.methodname, self.address, self.port)
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