Unverified Commit 618ef22c authored by Isis Lovecruft's avatar Isis Lovecruft
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Cleanup the log statements for hashring prepopulation in bridgedb.Main.

parent 304e38b0
......@@ -512,20 +512,31 @@ def startup(options):
if emailDistributor is not None:
logging.debug("Prepopulating email distributor hashrings...")
emailDistributor.prepopulateRings() # create default rings
logging.info("Bridges allotted for email distribution: %d"
% len(emailDistributor.splitter))
logging.info("Bridges allotted for %s distribution: %d"
% (emailDistributor.name,
logging.warn("No email distributor created!")
if ipDistributor is not None:
logging.debug("Prepopulating HTTPS distributor hashrings...")
ipDistributor.prepopulateRings() # create default rings
logging.info("Bridges allotted for web distribution: %d"
% len(ipDistributor.splitter))
for (n,(f,r)) in ipDistributor.splitter.filterRings.items():
logging.info("\tby filter set %s, %d" % (n, len(r)))
logging.info("Bridges allotted for %s distribution: %d"
% (ipDistributor.name,
logging.info("\tNum bridges:\tFilter set:")
nSubrings = 0
ipSubrings = ipDistributor.splitter.filterRings
for (ringname, (filterFn, subring)) in ipSubrings.items():
nSubrings += 1
filterSet = ' '.join(
logging.info("\t%2d bridges\t%s" % (len(subring), filterSet))
logging.info("Total subrings for %s: %d"
% (ipDistributor.name, nSubrings))
logging.warn("No HTTP(S) distributor created!")
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