Commit 6755f4f2 authored by Roger Dingledine's avatar Roger Dingledine
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nick, is this acceptable syntax?

it doesn't seem to break.

parent 4290927d
...@@ -422,8 +422,7 @@ class BridgeSplitter(BridgeHolder): ...@@ -422,8 +422,7 @@ class BridgeSplitter(BridgeHolder):
assert self.rings assert self.rings
for s in self.statsHolders: for s in self.statsHolders:
s.insert(bridge) s.insert(bridge)
if bridge.running == False: if bridge.running == False or None:
#XXXX Turn this to False or None.
return return
bridgeID = bridge.getID() bridgeID = bridge.getID()
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