Unverified Commit a9e65a0c authored by Robert Ransom's avatar Robert Ransom Committed by Isis Lovecruft
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Fix test suite for bridgedb.scheduled.Unscheduled

Previously, the test suite checked only that Unscheduled.getInterval would
return a particular value when invoked with no argument.  Now, the test
suite checks the only property of Unscheduled.getInterval that its callers
rely on: that it returns the same string regardless of which time is passed
in to it.
parent 024c978f
......@@ -36,10 +36,21 @@ class UnscheduledTests(unittest.TestCase):
self.assertIsInstance(time, int)
self.assertEquals(time, -62135596800)
def test_Unscheduled_getInterval_noargs(self):
time = self.sched.getInterval()
self.assertIsInstance(time, str)
self.assertEquals(time, "1970-01-01 00:00:00")
def test_Unscheduled_getInterval_is_constant(self):
import time
now = time.time()
interval_default = self.sched.getInterval()
self.assertIsInstance(interval_default, str)
interval_zero = self.sched.getInterval(0)
self.assertIsInstance(interval_zero, str)
interval_now = self.sched.getInterval(now)
self.assertIsInstance(interval_now, str)
self.assertEquals(interval_default, interval_zero)
self.assertEquals(interval_default, interval_now)
def test_Unscheduled_nextIntervalStarts_noargs(self):
time = self.sched.nextIntervalStarts()
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