Unverified Commit bc84f9c7 authored by Isis Lovecruft's avatar Isis Lovecruft
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Don't log the hashring filters twice, just log the number of bridges inserted.

parent 01c774e3
...@@ -1222,8 +1222,8 @@ class FilteredBridgeSplitter(BridgeHolder): ...@@ -1222,8 +1222,8 @@ class FilteredBridgeSplitter(BridgeHolder):
if isinstance(bridge, Bridge) and filterFn(bridge): if isinstance(bridge, Bridge) and filterFn(bridge):
subring.insert(bridge) subring.insert(bridge)
inserted += 1 inserted += 1
logging.info("Inserted %d bridges into hashring with filters: %s" logging.info("Bridges inserted into %s subring: %d"
% (inserted, filterNames)) % (subring.name, inserted))
return True return True
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