Unverified Commit bdc23b29 authored by Isis Lovecruft's avatar Isis Lovecruft
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Comment out print()s and sys.stdout.write()s in setup.py.

parent 6068a5ec
......@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ def get_supported_langs():
for line in langsfile.readlines():
if line.startswith('supported'):
line = "supported = %s\n" % supported
print("REWROTE supported langs: %s" % line)
#print("REWROTE supported langs: %s" % line)
with open(repo_langs, 'w') as newlangsfile:
for line in new_langs_lines:
......@@ -226,7 +226,7 @@ def get_data_files(filesonly=False):
for ldir, lfile in zip(lang_dirs, lang_files):
data_files.append((ldir, [lfile,]))
[sys.stdout.write("Added data_file '%s'\n" % x) for x in data_files]
#[sys.stdout.write("Added data_file '%s'\n" % x) for x in data_files]
return data_files
......@@ -257,12 +257,8 @@ class runTests(setuptools.Command):
sys.path = old_path
requires, deplinks = get_requirements()
print('Found requirements:')
[print('\t%s' % name) for name in requires]
print('Found dependency links:')
[print('\t%s' % uri) for uri in deplinks]
requires, deplinks = get_requirements()
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