Unverified Commit c9530782 authored by Isis Lovecruft's avatar Isis Lovecruft
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Use bridges.ip in log message in BridgeRing.insert().

 * REMOVE the comment and other cruft around it.
parent ff4e39ed
......@@ -783,10 +783,7 @@ class BridgeRing(BridgeHolder):
self.isSorted = False
self.bridges[pos] = bridge
self.bridgesByID[ident] = bridge
#XXX: just use bridge.ip
if isinstance(bridge.ip, ipaddr.IPv6Address): ip = "[%s]" % bridge.ip
else: ip = bridge.ip
logging.debug("Adding %s to %s", ip, self.name)
logging.debug("Adding %s to %s" % (bridge.ip, self.name))
def _sort(self):
"""Helper: put the keys in sorted order."""
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