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Add docstring for bridgedb.Bridges.BridgeRing.insert().

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...@@ -754,8 +754,19 @@ class BridgeRing(BridgeHolder): ...@@ -754,8 +754,19 @@ class BridgeRing(BridgeHolder):
subring.clear() subring.clear()
def insert(self, bridge): def insert(self, bridge):
"""Add a bridge to the ring. If the bridge is already there, """Add a **bridge** to this hashring.
replace the old one."""
The bridge's position in the hashring is dependent upon the HMAC of
the raw hash digest of the bridge's ID key. The function used to
generate the HMAC, :ivar:`BridgeRing.hmac`, is unique to each
individual hashring.
If the (presumably same) bridge is already at that determined position
in this hashring, replace the old one.
:type bridge: :class:`~bridgedb.Bridges.Bridge`
:param bridge: The bridge to insert into this hashring.
for tp,val,_,subring in self.subrings: for tp,val,_,subring in self.subrings:
if tp == 'port': if tp == 'port':
if val == bridge.orport: if val == bridge.orport:
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