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Fix Sphinx directives in HTTPServer.usingRTLLang().

parent 0f2f138f
......@@ -371,8 +371,7 @@ def addWebServer(cfg, dist, sched):
return site
def usingRTLLang(request):
Check if we should translate the text into a RTL language
"""Check if we should translate the text into a RTL language
Retrieve the headers from the request. Obtain the Accept-Language header
and decide if we need to translate the text. Install the requisite
......@@ -380,8 +379,11 @@ def usingRTLLang(request):
support. Choose the first language from the header that we support and
return True if it is a RTL language, else return False.
:param request twisted.web.server.Request: Incoming request
:returns bool: Language is right-to-left
:type request: :api:`twisted.web.server.Request`
:param request: An incoming request.
:rtype: bool
:returns: ``True`` if the preferred language is right-to-left; ``False``
langs = setLocaleFromRequestHeader(request)
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