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Fuzzy match incoming email addresses.

 * ADD a branch to `bridgedb.email.autoresponder.SMTPAutoresponder.runChecks()`
   which calculates the Levenshtein Distance of an incoming email address in
   order to fuzzy match it against those in the EMAIL_BLACKLIST setting.

 * FIXES #9385:
parent 41ffd515
......@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@ from bridgedb.email import request
from bridgedb.email import templates
from bridgedb.parse import addr
from bridgedb.parse.addr import canonicalizeEmailDomain
from bridgedb.util import levenshteinDistance
from bridgedb import translations
......@@ -646,6 +647,19 @@ class SMTPAutoresponder(smtp.SMTPClient):
if not dkim.checkDKIM(self.incoming.message, self.incoming.domainRules):
return False
# If fuzzy matching is enabled via the EMAIL_FUZZY_MATCH setting, then
# calculate the Levenshtein String Distance (see
# :func:`~bridgedb.util.levenshteinDistance`):
if self.incoming.context.fuzzyMatch != 0:
for blacklistedAddress in self.incoming.context.blacklist:
distance = levenshteinDistance(self.incoming.canonicalFromEmail,
if distance <= self.incoming.context.fuzzyMatch:
logging.info("Fuzzy-matched %s to blacklisted address %s!"
% (self.incoming.canonicalFromEmail,
return False
return True
def send(self, response, retries=0, timeout=30, reaktor=reactor):
......@@ -57,6 +57,11 @@ class MailServerContext(object):
:ivar str fromAddr: Use this address in the email :header:`From:`
line for outgoing mail. (default: ``bridges@torproject.org``)
:ivar int nBridges: The number of bridges to send for each email.
:ivar list blacklist: A list of blacklisted email addresses, taken from
the ``EMAIL_BLACKLIST`` config setting.
:ivar int fuzzyMatch: An integer specifying the maximum Levenshtein
Distance from an incoming email address to a blacklisted email address
for the incoming email to be dropped.
:ivar gpgContext: A ``gpgme.GpgmeContext`` (as created by
:func:`bridgedb.crypto.getGPGContext`), or None if we couldn't create
a proper GPGME context for some reason.
......@@ -92,6 +97,8 @@ class MailServerContext(object):
self.domainMap = config.EMAIL_DOMAIN_MAP or {}
self.canon = self.buildCanonicalDomainMap()
self.whitelist = config.EMAIL_WHITELIST or {}
self.blacklist = config.EMAIL_BLACKLIST or []
self.fuzzyMatch = config.EMAIL_FUZZY_MATCH or 0
self.gpgContext = getGPGContext(config)
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