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      Add maintainer instructions to README for now. · ea1c8683
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       * TODO We need a separate place (and preferably git repo for maintainer
         docs, scripts, etc.). I've started putting these things in maint/ in
         the top-level of bridgedb.git, but since I think that service
         maintainance should be kept separate from the software maintainance,
         I haven't committed them yet. That said, here are the instructions
         for bumping versions, for lack of a better place to put them.
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      Merge branch 'master' into develop · 549f80db
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      Merge branch 'release-0.0.1' · 0be47e06
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      Change/Move file lib/TorBridgeDB.py to scripts/bridgedb. · 8a79e30f
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      It isn't actually a module, it's a two-line script. Installing it as a script
      is better, because:
        1) We don't need to do `python -m TorBridgeDB […]`. Instead, we just do
           `bridgedb […]` and we also get all the benefits of shell autocompletion.
        2) Setuptools will automatically replace the #! in the installed script to
           point to the location of the Python interpreter which was used to install
           it, making it work with alternate interpreters as well as within
       * MOVE lib/TorBridgeDB.py → scripts/bridgedb.
       * ADD 'scripts' arguments to setuptools.setup() call.
       * UPDATE the README with instructions on how to run bridgedb now.
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      Add automatic installation of dependencies to setup.py. · 191a47f9
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       * ADD function get_requirements() to setup.py file, for parsing the
         requirements.txt file and installing the dependencies specified there. This
         allows us to keep one place for keeping track of dependencies, regardless
         of whether we are installed from a source distribution (git or a tarball)
         or with pip.
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      Start using automatic versioning system. · 7227e6e4
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       * FIXES part of #9425 (Create and document a better BridgeDB deployment
       * ADD versioneer.py to the top level of the project.
       * USE setuptools explicitly in setup.py, which will also make the project a
         bit more py3k compatible.
       * ADD maintainer and maintainer_email fields to setup.py setup() call (with
         my contact info).
       * ADD versioneer setup variables and calls to setup.py.
      Versioneer, as currently configured, will automatically create a package level
       >>> import bridgedb
       >>> print bridgedb.__version__
      Bumping the version number at release time (which, for BridgeDB really means
      deploy time, as of right now) means doing the following:
       $ git checkout develop
       [merge some fix/bug/feature/etc branches]
       $ git checkout -b release-0.0.2 develop
       $ git tag -a -s bridgedb-0.0.2
       [pip maintainance commands *would* go here, if we ever have any]
       $ git checkout master
       $ git merge -S --no-ff release-0.0.2
       $ git checkout develop
       $ git merge -S --no-ff master
       $ git push <remote> master develop
      And be sure not to forget to do:
       $ git push --tags
      If the currently installed version is *not* from one of the signed tags, the
      version number attribute created by versioneer will be the short ID of the git
      commit from which the installation took place, prefixed with the most recent
      tagged release at that point, i.e.:
       >>> import bridgedb
       >>> bridgedb.__version__
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      Add uninstall directive to the Makefile. · 4c6c4478
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      Add .PHONY directive to the Makefile. · 443f8c00
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