1. 12 Jan, 2014 4 commits
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      Cleanup logging of memory addresses in prepopulateRings(). · 6673109c
      Isis Lovecruft authored
      The logging before was quite messy.
      The sub hashrings are identified by the HMAC of a unique string. It
      turns out that the "unique string" which is used in this case is
      actually something which looks like the class.__repr__() for a
      bridgedb.Bridges.BridgeHolder subclass. This is *probably* unique
      because it contains memory addresses of the newly generated hmac_fn()s,
      which are likely (though not necessarily) unique. This is a bit gross,
      in my opinion, but it's not really a problem.
      However, the log messages this function generated are a problem. They
      contain memory addresses, which isn't the greatest idea, ignoring all
      other reasons, simply because it's illegible.
       * REFACTOR logging statements in
         bridgedb.Bridges.FilteredBridgeSplitter.prepopulateRings() to remove
         logging of hmac_fn() memory addresses.
       * ADD a long comment detailing the "unique strings" which identify a
         sub hashring, and how they should probably be changed someday.
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      Return True if we were able to prepopulate sub hashrings. · 2f115411
      Isis Lovecruft authored
      In bridgedb.Bridges.FilteredBridgeSplitter.prepopulateRings(), we return
      False if we were unable to prepopulate bridges into the sub hashring for
      whatever reason. In case some calling function wants to use the boolean
      return value as a check, we should mirror this logic and return True if
      prepopulation was successful.
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      Only log netstatus descriptor fields if they were parsed. · 40d39d58
      Isis Lovecruft authored
       * CHANGE bridgedb.Bridges.parseStatusFile() to only log networkstatus
         descriptor fields if the parsers were actually able to parse
         them. Otherwise we waste a lot of log lines with blank values.
  4. 20 Dec, 2013 21 commits