1. 26 Jul, 2014 1 commit
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      Update translations for email provider strings by hand. · e798a449
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      Since it's a single "%s, " that was added to the string for email providers,
      I've update every single english string and all of their translations by
      hand. This will save us losing those translations (otherwise they'd all
      fallback to English!), but Transifex and the automation scripts are probably
      going to get mad at me that I updated the strings myself. Fuck Transifex.
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      Update most translations. · 99cbe98d
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      There was a newly-added escaped double quote without a corresponding,
      escaped pair, followed by a newline, i.e.: `\"\n` in the Thai
      translation which didn't seem to mess up the template parser nor the
      browsers I tested it in, but it did add an unnecessary double quote on
      the page so I removed it.
  4. 11 Oct, 2013 2 commits
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      Add compiled translation files. Currently supported languages are: · d1e50e4a
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       * [ar] العربية
       * [da] dansk
       * [de] Deutsch
       * [el] ελληνικά
       * [en] English
       * [es] español
       * [eu] euskera
       * [fa] فارسی
       * [fr] français
       * [gl] galego
       * [he] עברית
       * [hr_HR] hrvatski jezik
       * [it] italiano
       * [ja] 日本語
       * [lv] latviešu valoda
       * [ms_MY] بهاس ملايو
       * [nb] Norsk bokmål
       * [nl] Nederlands
       * [pl] język polski
       * [pt_BR] português
       * [ru] русский язык
       * [si_LK] \u0dc3\u0dd2\u0d82\u0dc4\u0dbd
       * [sv] Svenska
       * [th] ไทย
       * [tr] Türkçe
       * [zh_CN] 中文
          to all our translators.
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  6. 28 May, 2013 1 commit