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Remove unused list of domains.

We are already testing websites and as part of that, we are resolving
parent ca7508dc
......@@ -53,20 +53,6 @@ var relays = []string{
"", // F3Netze (Exit)
var domains = map[string]map[string]bool{
"": map[string]bool{
"": true,
"": true,
"": true,
"2a01:4f8:fff0:4f:266:37ff:fe2c:5d19": true,
"2a01:4f8:fff0:4f:266:37ff:feae:3bbc": true,
"2a01:4f9:c010:19eb::1": true},
"": map[string]bool{
"": true,
"2a01:4f8:fff0:4f:266:37ff:fef9:f825": true},
// Websites and a string that's meant to be in the website's body.
var websites = map[string]string{
"": "The Tor Project",
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