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Enable cross-compilation for OS X.

Closes #1

See merge request !1
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output_dir = bin
all: windows linux
build: *.go
go build -o $(output_dir)/emma
osx: *.go
# The command 'go tool dist list' shows you a list of all supported
# platforms and architectures.
GOOS=darwin go build -o $(output_dir)/
windows: *.go
GOOS=windows GOARCH=386 go build -o $(output_dir)/emma.exe
GOOS=windows go build -o $(output_dir)/emma.exe
linux: *.go
go build -o $(output_dir)/emma
GOOS=linux go build -o $(output_dir)/emma
......@@ -18,6 +18,19 @@ stdout.
Emma is meant to be run by semi-technical Tor users who believe that they are
subject to censorship.
## Build
You need to have [golang]( installed to compile emma.
First, clone the repository by running
git clone
Then, enter your newly-cloned repository and compile the tool by running
cd emma && make
If everything worked, your emma binary will be in the `bin` directory.
## Example output
Here's what emma's output looks like:
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