Commit 41f4672c authored by ilv's avatar ilv
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Fixed missing param on _send_links()

parent d6b75a04
......@@ -496,7 +496,7 @@ class SMTP(object):
# Obtain the content in english and send it
t = gettext.translation(locale, './i18n', languages=['en'])
t = gettext.translation('en', './i18n', languages=['en'])
_ = t.ugettext
unsupported_locale_subject = _('unsupported_locale_subject')
......@@ -580,15 +580,16 @@ class SMTP(object):
links = self.core.get_links('SMTP', request['os'],
except UnsupportedOSError as e:
except core.UnsupportedOSError as e:"Request for unsupported OS: %s (%s)" %
(request['os'], str(e)))
# if we got here, the address of the sender should be valid
# so we send him/her a message about the unsupported OS
self._send_unsupported_os(request['os'], request['locale'],
self.our_addr, norm_from_addr)
except UnsupportedLocaleError as e:
except core.UnsupportedLocaleError as e:"Request for unsupported locale: %s (%s)"
% (request['locale'], str(e)))
# if we got here, the address of the sender should be valid
......@@ -596,9 +597,10 @@ class SMTP(object):
request['os'], self.our_addr,
# if core fails, we fail too
except (InternalError, ConfigurationError) as e:
except (core.InternalError, core.ConfigurationError) as e:
self.logger.error("Something's wrong with the Core module:"
" %s" % str(e))
raise InternalError("Error obtaining the links.")
......@@ -606,7 +608,8 @@ class SMTP(object):
# make sure we can send emails
self._send_links(links, request['locale'], request['os'],
self.our_addr, norm_from_addr)
self.our_addr, norm_from_addr,
except SendEmailError as e:
raise SendEmailError("Something's wrong with the SMTP "
"server: %s" % str(e))
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