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GetTor Revamp.
GetTor Revamp (on development).
Google Summer of Code 2014.
* To get the current repo:
$ git clone
* To upload bundles to Dropbox and create a links file:
1) Install the Dropbox and GnuPG Python modules (just the first time).
$ pip install dropbox gnupg
2) Change account info in src/ (app_key, app_secret, access_token)
3) Specify the path of the PGP key that signed the packages (to include fingerprint).
4) Run the script.
$ cd src; python
If everything works good, you should see a dropbox.links file inside the 'providers' directory. The script will take the files on upload_dir (default to 'upload/') which end up on .xz and .xz.asc respectively. To add more locales for testing do the following (example for german):
$ cd upload; cp tor-browser-linux32-3.6.2_en-EN.tar.xz tor-browser-linux32-3.6.2_de-DE.tar.xz
$ cd upload; cp tor-browser-linux32-3.6.2_en-EN.tar.xz.asc tor-browser-linux32-3.6.2_de-DE.tar.xz.asc
A script for getting the latest bundles is pending.
* To test if the core module is working:
1) Use the dummy script provided:
$ python
* To test the smtp module (without mail server):
1) Set request parameters on smtp/sample/sample-email.eml (by default, 'To:' and 'linux' in the body of the message.
2) Run dummy script.
$ python < smtp/sample/sample-email.eml
If mail server is configured, then uncomment lines 328-332, 337, 353-359, and comment lines 334-335, 338, 360 on gettor/ Also, you should enable e-mail forwarding as specified on
* To test the xmpp module
1) Install the SleekXMPP module:
$ pip install sleekxmpp
2) Change user details on xmpp.cfg
3) Run dummy script.
$ python
4) To communicate with the bot using Pidgin click on Friends -> New instant message. There are still some issues with bot responses.
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